Product By Vendor


Aluma-Form, Inc. specializes in innovative, custom-engineered overhead utility and communications solutions. We offer industry-leading fiberglass, aluminum, and apitong wood products for the electric utility and communications industries. Aluma-Form products are recognized for their unique designs, high quality, fair prices, and the superior customer service that accompanies each one.


Blackburn is a complete and reliable line of overhead, grounding, mechanical and compression connectors that respond to a broad range of construction needs.


Burndy manufactures the widest range of connectors to tap, terminate, and splice conductors. We have over 85+ years of experience in designing and manufacturing electrical connectors and installation tooling. Our high quality electrical connectors, installation tooling and accessory products meet all of your connection needs. Our products easily migrate from DIY to “Professional Grade” based on high quality and dependability.

Champion Fiberglass-

Champion Fiberglass, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of fiberglass conduit, strut and bridge hangers for the electrical and mechanical markets.


Elastimold is the most complete package for managing underground cable connections in the industry and now includes underground switchgear and overhead reclosers.


At Evluma, we make LED lighting solutions as robust and long-lasting as the bulbs themselves. Sure, it’s smart, but it’s also cost effective. Fewer repairs and increased efficiency. Evluma designs its products from the ground up rather than using derivatives of older HID or LED systems.


Homac is a complete line of Underground and Substation connectors and is recognized as an industry leader for its Flood-Sealing technologies and custom solutions.


Kaddas has earned a reputation for manufacturing superior Birdguard products on behalf of global utility, mining and petroleum operations used to mitigate animal-caused power outages.

Travis Pattern–

Travis Pattern & Foundry is the largest privately owned provider of aluminum castings west of the Mississippi. Using aluminum casting, bronze casting, and cast iron materials which get shipped worldwide. Our primary molding methods consist of the green sand, permanent mold, and no bake processes.

Wildlife Protection-

Preformed Line Products; Wildlife Protection are designed to reduce the number of outages experienced on the utility’s distribution system by insulating transformer bushings, lighting arrestors, capacitors and switching equipment from incidental contact by animals. This is achieved by covering energized components sufficiently so that an animal can not contact the component and ground potential simultaneously.