35kV Splices

35kV Splices connect pairs of wires or cables. Once spliced, the names of the wires or cables change depending on the type of splice used. There are two types of splice: Butt (default) and Through. A through splice, connects the splicing wire to an internal port on the spliced wire and splits the wire into two segments of the same instance. Shapes associated with the wire are split into segments and are associated with the same wire. A butt splice splits the wire or cable fiber into two separate fiber instances. Shapes associated with the spliced wires are split into their respective instances and are automatically associated with the separate instances of the spliced wire. Different names are allocated to the wires on either side of the splice. Whether you need to splice 30 AWG solid copper magnet wire or 4/0 stranded aluminum wire, with a broad range of splices that allow you to splice solid or stranded wire – with copper, aluminum, or a combination of both. We are here to help you at Northern Power Equipment.

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Showing 1–16 of 17 results