EPR Wire

Ethylene propylene rubber-insulated



The first versions of EPR (ethylene propylene rubber-insulated), introduced in the early 1960s, demonstrated favorable characteristics that were quickly recognized by cable manufacturers. It presented weathering stability, heat resistance up to 160ºC, low temperature flexibility, and it was easily extruded. Generally, EPR insulations retain their break-down (dielectric) strength in service over the life of the installation, given proper storage and handling of the cable prior to installation of the cable. The superior flexibility of the EPR-insulated medium voltage cable is an important factor in larger (kcmil-sizes) as those cables must be trained and coiled in vaults and other enclosures. The linemen expend less effort, reducing risk of muscle strains. This insulation has a solid history of reliability, superior flexibility, and strong performance in wet applications, as well as improved flame retardancy over TR-XLP insulations. EPR compounds are rated 105ºC for normal operation, 140ºC for emergency operation and 250ºC short circuit. Call us here at Northern Power for any question that you may have.

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