200 amp

35kV Junctions



Series 200 amp, 35 kV Class Three-Phase Loadbreak Junction provides two, three or four 21.1/36.6 kV loadbreak interfaces that are internally bused together and meet all requirements of IEEE Std 386™ standard. Loadbreak Junctions are used in pad-mounted apparatus, underground vaults, and other apparatus to sectionalize, establish loops, taps and splices, and to facilitate apparatus change-outs. Sectionalizing a cable run to find and isolate a cable fault is made easy when a loadbreak junction is used with large interface 35 kV Class 21.1/36.6 kV three-phase loadbreak elbows and other accessories meeting the requirements of IEEE Std 386™ standard. The 21.1/36.6 kV three-phase rated loadbreak junction should not be used with 21.1 kV single-phase rated loadbreak elbow connectors or grounding elbows. Single-phase rated products are color coded with tan nose pieces and molded cuffs. When mated with comparably rated products, the junction provides a fully shielded, submersible, separable connection for loadbreak operation. The loadbreak junction is available with an adjustable stainless steel bracket for mounting flat or at a 45° angle. Stainless steel “U” straps are available for direct wall mounting.

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