35kV Splices


Shrink Fit

Some of the most popular splices are the shrink-fit cable joints. They feature automatic core removal without ripcords or heat required for installation With high-quality molded EPDM elastomer housing withstands the elements in harsh direct-burial, vault, manhole and overhead applications. There are four sizes that support a wide range of cable and conductor sizes, and are IEEE 404 rated shrink-fit cable joints. These shrink fit cable joints are reliable, high-quality, pre-molded power cable splices that are designed to stand the rigors of the toughest utility applications. These products provide a cost-effective method to splice medium voltage cables using a “push-on” motion, and allowing cable neutrals to be solidly connected across the body of the splice without the use of any external braids. For those who prefer a more range-taking solution without the use of any physical force to install, the only options available have been cumbersome heat-shrink products that require multiple steps and the use of an open flame that may not result in uniform cable coverage, or over-designed cold-shrink products that either use awkward, entangling ripcords or expensive braid/jacket combinations that do not offer the ability to solidly connect neutrals across the splice.

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Showing all 11 results