200 amp




These 200 amp elbows are fully shielded, fully submersible molded rubber housing, 100 Percent Peroxide-Cured Construction includes Insulation and Conductive EPDM Materials. They have provisions for Hot Stick Operation, and provision for Ground Wire Connection. Some of the elbows have built in Cable Jacket Seal. The Elbows are designed for Connecting to and Operating 25kV Class, 200 Amp Distribution apparatus. It Provides a Convenient Method to Connect/Disconnect Cable and Equipment on Power Distribution Systems. Products are designed and constructed for all applications including Padmount, Subsurface, Vault, Indoor, Outdoor, Direct Sunlight, Direct Buried and Continuously Submerged in Water. Call us here at Northern Power Equipment with any information or questions that you may have.

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Showing 1–16 of 50 results