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When it comes to splices, Tte requirements on today’s splicing technologies are high. Reliability, simple installations and cost effectiveness are the key requirements to achieving a dependable network. Automatic splices make fast and dependable overhead tension splices that take a bite out of installation time. The conductor simply slips into the colour-coded, funnel-shaped end pieces and automatically enters the pilot cup with a gentle push. The pilot cup guides the conductor past the unique serrated jaws and into the center of the connector. When the conductor meets the center stop, the pull-back locks it into position as the jaws firmly clamp down. The more pull, the more bite, which provides an instant, positive and automatic connection. Colour provides instant visual identification of maximum conductor size. Funnel swiftly guides conductor into position for insertion. Envelop cable strands and guide the conductors into the center of the splice. It provides optimum contact area for a greater range of conductor sizes, and positions the jaw for positive conductor acceptance. They automatically determines proper insertion length of both conductors, to cover the connection for superior corrosion protection and long-lasting durability. That enables identification of the minimum conductor size of wide-range connectors –it further eliminates errors and speeds up installations.

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Showing all 16 results