Distribution Ties

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Distribution Ties are designed to provide longitudinal holding strength in excess of values required by the National Electric Safety Code. They provide an improved method of securing conductors compared to clamp-top insulators or hand ties over Armor Rods. Ties can also provide superior abrasion protection for the conductor under all types of motion, including low frequency sway oscillation, high frequency aeolian vibration, and galloping. The holding strengths are usually sufficient to contain broken conductors to a single span and minimize damage to the conductor and other structure components. The tube component surrounds the bare conductor with a resilient cushion where the conductor would come into contact with the insulator and with the center section of the tie. In the case of applying a tie over a plastic jacketed conductor, the tube can be disposed of because contact with the bare conductor is prevented by the jacketing itself. On vertically mounted insulators, Distribution Ties can normally accommodate line angles up to 10°. Larger angles may be accommodated when the insulator is mounted at varying degrees of cant from the vertical, depending upon the actual cant of the insulator.

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