600 Amp Arresters

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The 600 amp 35kV Surge Arrester is an ultra-efficient way to protect underground cables/equipment from harmful over-voltages. The arrester is equipped with gapless Metal Oxide Varistor technology, assembled within a fully-shielded, submersible EPDM housing. By utilizing a Deadbreak R-Stack Elbow housing, several critical advantages are afforded. Having fewer components/interfaces reduces the chance of improper installation—for example, crossthreading or contamination. Installing fewer components simplifies assembly procedures and cuts down on total installation time. The 600A Deadbreak design is a bolted connection capable of withstanding fault currents of up to 40kA symmetrical per IEEE 386! 35kV 600A Arresters have been designed and tested for industry standards and are production-tested.

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Showing all 4 results