600 amp

35kV Elbows



600 amp Series deadbreak elbows along with straight receptacles, junctions, vault stretchers and accessories are used to connect equipment and cable on primary feeder and network circuits. They are all underground accessory components. That are designs accommodate large conductors and feature bolted connections and deadfront modular construction for maximum reliability, performance and versatility. De-energized connectors can be quickly and easily connected and disconnected using standard hand tools and equipment in accordance with accepted operating practices. Optional accessories allow visible external separation, bypass, isolation, dead-ending, grounding and testing as well as adding taps, surge arresters and circuit protection. A series 600 Amp, 35 kV class is used to terminate high-voltage underground cable to transformers, switches, switchgear and other apparatus. Let us here at Northern Power help you with whatever needs you might have.

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Showing 1–16 of 22 results