25kV Junctions

25kV Elastimold junctions are designed for subsurface, vault or padmount applications and can be used for sectionalizing, looping, tapping, and equipment bypass. Junctions are designed to mate with other Elastimold products. The loadbreak junctions, provide a fully shielded, fully submersible, separable, insulated assembly designed for energized operation. They are suitable for use on 25-kV class distribution systems, and rated for 200-ampere loadmake/loadbreak operation. Junctions are equipped with universal brackets that accommodate curved or flat surfaces and provide tilt mounting angles from 0 degrees to 90 degrees in 15 degree increments. Junctions are a region of transition in a semiconductor between a part where conduction is mainly by electrons and a part where it is mainly by holes.

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  • 2-Point Junction
    2-Point Junction The K650J2 is a…
  • K650J3-5 3-Point Junction
    K650J3-5 3-Point Junction The 15/25kV 600…
  • 4-Point Junction The K650J4 15/25kV 600…

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