35kV Terminations

Elastimold terminations are specifically designed for use on 15kV thru 35kV, XLP or EPR insulated, underground power distribution cable systems. Units allow proper transition and connection of the underground cable system to bare overhead conductors and live front equipment. Applications include indoor, outdoor, riser pole, padmounted and other live front or weather exposed installations. Designs use advanced silicone rubber insulating materials to provide necessary creep, strike, weather sealing and contamination resistance, assuring proper performance in the most severe conditions. The grey color blends in with outdoor environments. Terminations support a wide application range with only three sizes required to cover #2 AWG through 1250 kcmil cables. The single-piece 15kV and 25kV shrink-fit design makes installation effortless, and the two-piece 35kV design facilitates easier core removal. Simply position the terminator on the prepared cable and remove the center core. Units are compact and lightweight, allowing installation in restricted spaces and free-hanging applications.

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  • R2T35J2 Elastimold 35kV Termination
    Ranger2 Termination The R2T35J2 is a…
  • R2t35J4
    Ranger2 Termination: The Elastimold R2T35J4 is…

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