35kV Elbows

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Elbows are designed to terminate underground cables to high-voltage apparatus such as transformers and switchgear that are equipped with bushings. They are fully shielded and fully submersible and are designed in accordance to IEEE standard 386. Loadbreak elbows are designed for use with standard hotstick tools, which allows a loadmake/break operation with a physical disconnect. They are designed for use on extruded solid dielectric cable. 200A loadbreak elbow includes a copper top compression connector, which connects the cable with the loadbreak probe. This connector is easy to crimp, is suitable for aluminum and copper conductors, and forms a reliable connection. Many of the 200 amp elbows are fully shielded, fully submersible Molded Rubber Housing, 100 Percent Peroxide-Cured Construction includes Insulation and Conductive EPDM Materials. Provision for Hot Stick Operation. Some of them have a provision for Ground Wire Connection with a built in Cable Jacket Seal. Call us if you have any questions.

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Showing 1–16 of 23 results