Polymer Insulators

Support and insulate conductors



Tie Top polymer insulators, factory formed ties will install easily and provide superior holding and electrical performance on. Consult us for the suitability of other factory formed tie brands with these insulators. Covered or bare hand tie wire is also suitable for use with Tie Top Polymer Insulators depending on conductor type? Vise Top Polymer Insulator utilizes a unique plastic clamp mechanism and nylon torque bolts to secure the conductor. Nylon Torque bolts with break away heads are designed to provide a method to insure that proper torque is applied to the mechanism for fast and proper conductor clamping force. Polymer Spool Insulators are used to insulate and support primary neutral and secondary (bare or covered) conductors at the pole or house using various clevis mounting configurations. They are compatible with all manufacturers’ hardware designs that are to be used with the ANSI C29. Polymeric insulators were developed and its improvements in design and manufacturing in the recent years have made them attractive to utilities. It is consist of a fiberglass core rod covered by weathersheds of skirts of polymer such as silicone rubber, polytetrafluoroethylene, EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) and equipped with metal end fittings. Let us help you with whatever needs you have.

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