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Molded Current Limiting Fuse

The 274FLR1-A5220 is a Molded Current Limiting Fuse Housing, Nominal Fuse Voltage Rating 15.5kV, Fuse Test Port – Two Capactive Test Ports, Small Housing, Cable Insulation Diameter 0.575 inch – 0.740 inch / 15-19mm, Bi-Metal Conductor size 2 AWG Stranded Compressed, 1 AWG Solid Compact.


  • Full-range current-limiting fusing with 50kA interrupting capability
  • Hotstick operable 25kV Loadbreak Elbow switching
  • Fully sealed and submersible
  • Insulates, shields, and eliminates exposed live parts
  • Split center section for easy fuse replacement
  • Built in voltage test points for quick and convenient blown fuse indication


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