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15PCJ1G1240 Power Cable Joint

The 15PCJ1G1240 is an Elastimold 15kV Power Cable Joint Style 1 with Single Piece Housing, Cable Insulation Diameter 0.760 inch to 0.950 inch. Aluminum Conductor. Conductor Size AWG Stranded 1/0 /Solid 2/0.


Power Cable Joints utilize permanently crimped connectors. PCJ housings are fully insulated, shielded and sealed for direct-burial, vault, submersible and other servere service applications. Units have been designed and tested per IEEE Standard 404 to ensure system matched performance and ratings equal to the cable to which the splice will be installed. Power Cable Joints are available in two styles. Style 1 uses a single-piece housing that is sized to accommodate a specific range of cable – ideally suited to straight splicing of the same or similar cable. Style 2 designs incorporate a universal housing with separate cable adapters to allow transition splices of different types and sizes of cable.


Compact or Solid
Stranded or Compressed
Component Type
Power Cable Joint
Voltage Class (kV)



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