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Single Phase Box Pad

The CBP37-43-15A-MG-22×24 is a single phase box pad that is light weight, yet built strong and durable for single phase transformers from 25kVA up to 167kVA. It has excellent stability in frost prone areas.


  • CBP units (compression box pad) are manufactured of SMC (Sheet Molding Compound).
  • SMC is a thermosetting compound which is pre-mixed with pigments that are molded into the fiberglass and cannot peel. Fire retardant and UV additives are permanently molded in throughout the laminate.
  • GS units are produced of fire-retardant resin and a combination of chopped glass spray-up and hand lay-up using 18 oz. Woven roving glass reinforcement for great strength. Munsell green surface coat is applied for superior weather-ability.
  • Accommodates typical single phase transformers ranging from 25kVA up to 167 kVA ratings.
  • Optional tie-down brackets are available to hold the transformer in place.
  • Bottom flange provides a stable footing for installation.


  • Molded in ribs resist sidewall ground pressures to help prevent sidewall deflection.
  • No costly forms to set up, no cement needs to be poured, the fiberglass box pads reduce installation time by being built ready to go.


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