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PSP Series Secondary Pedestals

Features & Benefits:

  • House free standing secondary connectors.
  • Rust free materials and stainless steel hardware
  • Copolymer polypropylene pedestals are manufactured by an injection molding
    process with UV stabilized material. Polypropylene pedestals resist fertilizers, salt
    air, and ultraviolet attack.
  • PSP-151530-MG-L6350 and PSP-151530-MG-L6600 include a rigid plastic bracket that will accommodate either 6 way 350MCM or 600MCM connectors.
  • “WARNING & ELECTRIC”, is imprinted on the top in raised lettering.
  • A 2-inch flange around the perimeter provides stability when buried.
  • The top is secured to the base by a flange molded into the rear of the pedestal top
    and a penta-head bolt and hasp on the front.
  • Ribs and steps are molded into the pedestal for rigidity.
  • This design prevents deflection in a buried position and ensures the base and lid a unified connection after servicing.
  • Clear plastic covers included when connectors are ordered
  • Stainless steel hardware provides long term protection against rust.
  • UV additives and pigment are permanently molded into the polypropylene and does not peel providing a maintenance free pedestal for many years.
  • Resists fertilizers, salt air, and ultraviolet attack.
  • Optional cable entrance cover available.
  • It will not rust or corrode.
  • Wide open area makes it easily accessible to attach wires to connectors.


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